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There’s a lot of debate around what a software engineer is, what a software engineer does and what is or isn’t a programming language.

I’m here to settle that debate by telling you that you are a software engineer and to the best of my knowledge, sheet music was the first programming language and Piano Rolls were the first programs that ran on a pianola.

You’re a software engineer simply by having an interest in writing code. You might not be very good at at it yet, but nobody starts out being good at anything.

Whenever I want to get into a new hobby or interest, I begin by assuming the role. When I wanted to write, I claimed the identity of a writer and a poet. I wanted to draw or paint, so I described myself an artist. Back in 2015, I declared myself to be a Dragon Slayer, because I wanted to accomplish many things I didn’t think were possible. (I crushed 2015, btw.)

I’m a software engineer and if you’re reading this and don’t consider yourself a software engineer yet, you are one now. If anyone tells you otherwise send them my way and I’ll remind them of all the amazing things they are even if they don’t realize it yet.

You’re a kick-ass person and even though other people may try and hold you back, you can do everything they tell you is impossible.

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