Hi there. I’m Tyler and I’ve been working as a software engineer doing web development, specifically front-end, for over ten years. I’ve always been in favor of sharing information and knowledge freely via open-source code, most notably Cutestrap. However, I haven’t figured out where I best fit into the overall in the web development community with regards to giving back.

When I started doing web development, I was armed with simply a text editor and a web browser and able to learn from any website by inspecting their source code. I would browse the web and anytime some cool thing caught my eye, I’d inspect it, investigate it, recreate it, improve it, and make it my own.

While the tools to write, inspect, and debug code has evolved greatly in the past decade, it’s become much more difficult to learn from inspecting live code. For me, I tinker and I learn by poking, prodding, breaking and mending. This approach might not be for you, but I don’t think I’m the only one that learns this way.

The content is designed and created to last as long as the web exists by requiring zero dependencies other than a text editor and a web browser. All of the posts are focused on a single topic and aim to be clear, but not comprehensive. One of the greatest strengths of an engineer is knowing how to find answers. These posts aim to give enough context and straightforward code to help guide your searches if you’d like to learn more and expand on the examples.

If this is your first time here and you’re new to web development, I recommend checking out “Hello World”. It’s the only tutorial on this site and will help you to get started and unlock the ability to explore the rest of the code.